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  • Zero Gravity® windscreens should be maintained using superior plastic cleaners like Zero Gravity’s One Step, or Novus No.2 for it’s optimum crystal clarity. One Step is used by the Zero Gravity® production team to prep every Zero Gravity® windscreen. One Step cleans quickly without leaving a film and buffs to a brilliant shine. It provides an antistatic property, which resists finger marks, dust, and abrasions. It is offered in a 32 oz. Carafe bottle or a convenient 8 oz. spray bottle. Finally Zero Gravity® supplies Novus #2 in an 8 oz. bottle. The Zero Gravity® production team also uses Novus No.2 on some screens to remove fine scratches before packaging. It removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from acrylic windscreens. Click below for more detail images and info.

    Cleaners & Polishes
    Product Name Description Price
    33-100-3 Novus #2 8 oz. Bottle $8.95
    33-201 Zero Gravity® Brand Cleaner 8 oz. $11.95
    33-202 Zero Gravity® Brand Cleaner 32 oz. $24.95
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