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    Is there any modification that I need to do to the fairing?
    No Modification is necessary our screens are 100% direct bolt-on for all SR, DB, ST, Corsa, and Marc1 screen.

    Do you have Length and Width Dimensions?
    Yes, we offer this info to any bike model listed on our site. Please go to windscreens/models and pick the bike and model then look for Specs in the middle landing page.

    Which screen is best for me?
    It depends on the style of riding you do, for most sport bikes we have several windscreens to choose from. Click here to see them all.

    • SR Stands for Stock Replacement, so you are going to get a factory height screen.
    • DB Stands for Double Bubble, this screen will provide a taller height profile and a tighter aerodynamics. Aesthetically pleasing and finishes the bike appearance.
    • ST Stands for Sport Touring, Zero Gravity® Sport Touring™ windscreens are made with a taller and wider profile for better protection from the buffeting wind on longer rides. Which give you a much quite ride As much as 4 inches of additional wind protection is added to the height of these windscreens over the stock version, reducing fatigue on long rides by helping you stay out of the wind blast.
    • Corsa, shaped with a taller profile like those on World Superbike machines, Zero Gravityís Corsa® Series windscreens provide added wind protection when tucked in at high speed. If youíre a racer looking for an aerodynamic performance edge over the competition, or a new look for your street machine.
    • Marc1 Zero Gravityís newest series of performance windscreens takes its inspiration from the screen used by MotoGP star Marc Marquez. The Marc1 Series is engineered with styling and performance like those MotoGP bikes designed for maximum aerodynamic edge and aggressive, weight-forward riding style.
    Do you have Pink windscreens?
    No, we have 11 colors to choose from Click here to see them. Clear, Light Smoke and Dark Smoke are normal colors. All other colors are considered custom colors and are subject to an additional $14.95 charge with non refundable or returns on custom colors.

    Iím from a foreign can I order your screens?
    We do not sell Retail out of the country, but you may visit our foreign distributors page by clicking here.

    How come you donít have a screen for a 1987 FZ700 in amber in stock?
    Because itís on out of production bike, we donít keep it stocked but because we are the manufacturer, we can make one up special just for you! Send us a email for product availability.

    I want something different than the Double Bubble® what do you offer?
    Take a look at the Marc1™ Series, Corsa® Series and/or Sport Touring Series™ for profile looks. Click here to see them.

    Howís it possible to have a shorter windscreen than stock and yet deflect the wind over me?
    Zero Gravity has over 20 year experience in R&D manufacturing and testing our screens in the real world has its advantages.

    How soon does an order expedite out?
    The same day PST before 12:00pm after will be the next business day.

    How dark is dark smoke?
    The light transparency for Dark Smoke is 5%. Take a look at our light transparency chart here.

    How do I maintain the clarity of the windscreen?
    For daily use, Zero Gravity recommends the use of One Step Plastic Cleaner & Polisher part# 33-201 with a clean micro cloth; itís been tested and used by our manufacturing team.

    I have swirls in the ZG windscreen is there ways to make them disappear?
    Yeah, to make them less apparent throw some Novus #2 and rub that into the windscreen. The Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover part# 33-100-3. And finish it off with ZGís One Step Plastic Cleaner & Polisher part# 33-201.

    Iím a dealer that currently buys your stuff and I want to get setup through you what do I do?
    Please fill out this Dealer Application.
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