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  • Product #485
    To assemble a part number, use the 5 digit code below then add the two digit color code (located next to the details tab).

    Model # Year Pro Series Double Bubble Sport Touring Corsa Marc1
    RS 250* 96 13-48516-485
    RS 250* 96 16-106




    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-485

    RS 250* 96 16-485

    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-485

    16-485a ($94.95)

    16-485b ($99.95)
    RS 250* 96 16-485

    RS 250* 96 16-485


    RS 250* 96 16-262
    RS 250* 96 16-263
    RS 250* 96 16-264
    RS 250* 96 16-417


    RS 250* 96 16-463
    RS 250* 96 16-507

    RS 250* 96
    RS 250* 96 16-537

    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-485a
    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-701
    RS 250* 96 16-708









    RS 250* 96
    *Taller Profile
    RS 250* 96 16-726r



    RS 250* 96 16-485r
    RS 250* 96 16-485



    RS 250* 96 16-730



    RS 250* 96 16-485

    RS 250* 96 16-805

    *Taller Profile
    RS 250* 96 16-859
    RS 250* 96 16-911

    RS 250* 96 16-914v

    RS 250* 96 16-945

    RS 250* 96 16-485
    RS 250* 96 16-485
    Retail Price $99.95 $99.95
    *Must use with Special Drill bit made for Acrylic plastics
    Wellnut Fastener Kits
    See OEM Dealer for replacements.
    Zero Gravity Fastener Kits are designed to provide a vibration resistant attachment to the fairing. Zero Gravity recommends replacing factory wellnuts after 3 years of use or if a wellnut looks deformed like the one pictured to the right. Deformed Wellnut
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    Windscreen Cleaner & Polish
    Cleaner & Polish
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    Trim Lok®
    Windscreen Scratch Remover
    Scratch Remover

    WARNING! Due to the shape of some windscreens, regardless of brand, the sun's rays, under rare and unusual circumstances, may concentrate and reflect off the underside of the windscreen onto the components of your dashboard. If you plan on leaving your motorcycle in the sun for ANY length of time, you are advised to cover your dashboard area so as to protect plastic components and other items sensitive to heat, such as, but not limited to, your speedometer, tachometer or other gauges or instruments, from the possibility of melting or deforming. Zero Gravity® assumes no liability or responsibility for any damage to your motorcycle caused by the sun or for any other reason.
  • Colors

    To assemble a part number, start with the 5 digit code in the Details tab, then add the color code below. (FOR EXAMPLE: for a 2011 Honda CBR600RR Double Bubble in Light Smoke, the 5 digit code from the Details list is 16-407. Add to that the color code for LT. Smoke, 02. The EXAMPLE full part number is 16-407-02.)
    Windscreen prices listed in the details are for Clear, LT. Smoke and DK. Smoke only. All other colors are considered custom colors and are subject to an additional $14.95 charge.
    0 Default 1 Red 2 Graphite
    SR™ Series
    Double Bubble®
    01 Clear
    02 LT. Smoke
    19 DK. Smoke
    04 DK. Blue
    05 FL. Blue
    06 Yellow
    07 Amber
    09 Red
    11 Purple
    13 FL. Green
    17 Glass Green
    Sport Touring™
    Corsa® Series
    Marc1™ Series
  • Use & Care

    Street Usage: This product is intended by the manufacturer for use on public streets or highways only in areas that allow such use. Please check vehicle code in your area regarding use of aftermarket windscreens.

    Shatter Resistance: Zero Gravity windscreens are made of acrylic plastic, a material that is NOT shatterproof. This screen can crack if impacted by a road hazard such as, but not limited to, a rock or a bird. By installing this product onto his or her motorcycle, the purchaser and user of the product acknowledge the potential injury that could result from human contact with a shattered windscreen and assume all risk and liability associated therewith. Zero Gravity Windscreens are not DOT certified unless specifically designated as such on the windscreen.

    Colored Plastic: The color pigments (especially fluorescents) used in the manufacture of the plastic sheet from which these windscreens are made may fade if left exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

    Motorcycle Dashboards: In certain rare instances the material used by motorcycle manufacturers in the construction of dashboards and gauges is made from plastics that have an inherently low melting point. Zero Gravity assumes no liability for any melting or deforming of the dashboard or its components due to heat from the sun or for any other reason. Please make sure to cover your dashboard if you plan to leave your bike exposed to the sun for any length of time.

    Optical Clarity: If the purchaser of this product is dependent on the ability to see through the windscreen while riding on his or her motorcycle, the purchaser is urged to test the windscreen for optical clarity and light transmission prior to installing it on a motorcycle.

    Opaque Windscreens: The purchaser of this product acknowledges that if such product is an opaque windscreen that the plastic material from which it is made is not transparent and the user cannot see through such windscreen.

    Care: For performance and clarity Zero Gravity® windscreens should be maintained using superior plastic cleaners like Zero Gravity’s One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ Click Here and Novus No.2 Click Here for it’s optimum crystal clarity. One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ is used by the Zero Gravity® production line to prep every Zero Gravity® windscreen. The Zero Gravity® production line also uses Novus No.2 on some screens to remove fine scratches before packaging. One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ cleans quickly without leaving a film and buffs to a brilliant shine. It provides an antistatic property, which resists finger marks, dust, and abrasions. It is offered in a 32oz. Carafe bottle or a convenient 8oz spray bottle. Finally Zero Gravity® supplies Novus #2 in an 8oz bottle. It removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from acrylic windscreens.

  • Specs

    PDF Spec Sheet soon to come!
  • Installation

    Now that you¹ve chosen a high quality Zero Gravity windscreen for your sportbike, please read these instructions to ensure proper installation.

    Click the Installation button below:

    Over-tightening may cause the windscreen to crack.

    Note: In the unlikely event your windscreen seems to not fit properly, please call us at (805) 388-8803. We can either walk you through the installation process or give you a return authorization number to return the windscreen to us for inspection.

  • Zero Gravity Warranty

    Zero Gravity Corporation warrants that all products it manufactures shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from purchase. This Warranty covers normal use only and is void if the product has been damaged by accident, neglect, improper use or other causes not arising out of defects in material or workmanship. In addition, the occurrence of any of the following will void the warranty:  1) damage due to road hazard, such as, but not limited to, the impact of a rock or other object, 2) any alteration to the product, 3) any mishandling of the product, or 4) improper installation. Zero Gravity shall not be liable for loss of use of the product or other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damage incurred by the purchaser. Determination of the validity of any warranty claim shall be at Zero Gravity's sole discretion. Warranty product shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Zero Gravity Corporation. This Warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser. "Blems" and "Seconds" are not covered by warranty. For warranty claims made outside the U.S. borders, the Warranty Claimant is responsible for all shipping costs and expenses. For instructions on how to make a warranty claim click here.
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