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  • Details

    Two styles to choose from Latigo™ & Draguns Tail™ Series.

    From canyon carving to long distance sport touring, Zero Gravity's lineup of sport bike saddles now provide a comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. No longer is a sore butt necessary to experience the performance capabilities of today's high tech sport bikes. Zero Gravity's specially formulated foam allow the rider to "feel" the road without feeling the pain normally associated with sport bike OEM seats or even the so-called "gel" seats.

    • · "Hang off" or go the distance in comfort.
    • · Stylish custom look.
    • · Highest grade Marine vinyl seat skins.
    • · Black or contrast stitching.
    • · Lightweight ABS base, fits like OEM.
    • · Specially formulated foam allows "give" without sacrificing firmness.
    • · Matches the look and quality of Zero Gravity's world class windscreens.
    • · Fits using the rubber grommets and stops from your OEM seat.

  • Installation

    These instructions will give you an overall installation process. But sometimes installation of certain models will require additional steps, most of which will be self-explanatory. For further help please email us at

    Installation instructions: Use metric tools, clean hands, put the bike on a stand, and please do not use excessive force.
    1. Remove the original saddle and save the factory fasteners, rubber stoppers, and grommets from your OEM seat.
    2. Install any OEM rubber stoppers or grommets onto your Zero Gravity® saddle in the same way they were installed on your OEM seat. If there is no hole in your Zero Gravity® saddle to install a particular stopper, this is not a problem. Zero Gravity® has redesigned the seat base to eliminate the need for that stopper.
    3. Position your Zero Gravity® saddle onto your bike chassis and push into place as you would the OEM seat. Install the original fasteners once the saddle is properly aligned.

  • Use & Care

    Clean your new Zero Gravity® saddle with a sponge using warm water and mild soap. Moderate scrubbing with a medium bristle brush will help loosen soiling materials from the depressions of embossed surfaces. For more stubborn stains, use One Step Polish and Cleaner available through Zero Gravity or mild detergent in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Full strength rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits may be tried cautiously as a last resort on very stubborn stains, if the above suggestions do not work. The use of any solvent, or solvent containing cleaner, can severely damage or discolor vinyl. These can cause cracking and discoloring.

    Note: Detergent should never be used on a regular or repeated basis for normal cleaning. Repeated rinsing with clear water after any cleaning procedure.

  • Specs

    • · Lightweight ABS seat base installs with stock rubber
    • · Specially formulated seat foam-comfortable but firm
    • · More give than so-called "gel" seats
    • · Flame, stain, chemical, cold, abrasion resistant, and also antibacterial, antimicrobial skin
    • · High Quality "grippy" marine grade skins
    • · Available in Black skin, and Black or contrast stitching to match bike's color scheme
    • · Available for most newer sport bikes-more coming soon
    • · Made in the USA

  • Reviews

    Coming soon.

  • Warranty

    Limited warranty, contact us for more information 1-805-388-8803.

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