We're sorry you are experiencing problems. We appreciate the opportunity to correct any mistakes we’ve made or to have our expedited shipper to replace or repair any defective product during the shipment.

If you feel you received a defective part, please go to our Warranty Claim page and follow the steps on how to warranty a part.

PLEASE INSPECT YOUR SHIPMENT IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. In the event of any damage or discrepancies in your order from Zero Gravity, please read the following thoroughly. You must complete the attached Shipping Damage/Discrepancy Notification Form before any claims will be considered:

If you feel the part you received is damaged from shipping or you have a discrepancy to the order, please fill out the Shipping Damage / Discrepancy Claim form below.

Please note the Shipping Damage Claim form has to have the following 3 photo attachments ready before sending.

The 3 photo attachments are:

  1. Photo of the label on the packaging showing the part # and serial #
  2. Scan or photo of your receipt
  3. Photos of the damage or defect. Make sure the problem can be clearly seen.

SHIPPING DAMAGE (IE., You received a damaged shipping box from the carrier or product is damaged upon arrival)

1. If you purchased your product from a dealer, please contact that dealer directly to for shipping claim.

2. Inspect the shipping box/es immediately upon receipt. If there is obvious damage to a shipping box, investigate further to see if any of the contents have been damaged. If the contents are damaged, click the button below to submit the Shipping Damage Claim Form.  Each Shipping Damage Claim Form must be received by Zero Gravity no later than 2 business days after Customer’s receipt of goods.

3. If the contents are damaged and you feel the damage was caused by the freight company chosen by Zero Gravity, please state this on the form so Zero Gravity can file a claim. The original box and packing materials must be available for the shipper’s inspection.

4. If ZG used the freight company specified by the customer, or for all freight collect shipments, the customer is responsible for making any freight damage claims directly with the freight company.

5. If you feel the damage was not caused by the freight company, please state this on the form.


    If there are any discrepancies between what was ordered and what was received, please send notification to Zero Gravity no more than 10 business days after receiving your order. Discrepancy reports received after the 10 business day period will not be considered. Appropriate adjustments will be made once Zero Gravity Corp. receives the requested report/s and completes its investigation.

    If we can determine from the information you send us that your warranty claim is valid, we will send you a replacement as soon as inventory is available. If we need to see the product to determine the validity of your claim, we will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RA#) and ask you to return the product to us for examination. Once we receive the product, we will perform a physical inspection and determine if the product is defective (based on the Zero Gravity Warranty) and, if so, if it can be repaired or should be replaced. 

    Your repaired or replaced product will then be shipped to you along with a $10 credit toward the reimbursement of the shipping expense you incurred when returning the screen to us originally.

    If, after physical inspection of your product, we determine that your warranty claim is not valid, we will notify you of such and ask you if you want us to return your product to you at your expense. If it is unclear if your claim is valid we usually err in favor of the customer.

    If you must have a replacement before returning your defective product to us, we can, at your request, ship you a replacement product (subject to stock on hand), charge your credit card for the replacement product and return shipping cost, and reimburse those charges once we’ve received your defective product and determined that your claim is valid and your product should be replaced.

    Please determine if your purchase matches our website part number (example 20-114-19). Does it match the part number in three locations (The Zero Gravity Website, Your receipt, Zero Gravity Packaging)

    If your purchase does not match our website part number in all three locations (The Zero Gravity Website, Your receipt, Zero Gravity Packaging), please contact your Dealer (seller) to start a return on the part you received and reorder you the correct part for your bike. Please contact the Dealer (seller) for Shipping Claim.