The Corsa:
CorsaThis windscreen is tall and beautiful and provides a "sharkfin" like feel to the flow of air at speed. The Corsa provides a small pocket of dead air for the rider when at full tuck at speeds over 170mph. The air flows smoothly to either side, stabilizing the helmet naturally and providing a dead stable confident view ahead even at over 200mph! I love the V profile, I love the way the screen performs at any speed. Providin great wind protection for any sort of long distance ride but also great performance at high speed. Feels less aggressive in its approach then the Marc 1, but overall slightly more functional due to the protection it provides. I absolutely love the Corsa for everyday use AND high speed track usage. Beautiful, functional, quality. This IS THE WINDSCREEN for the top speed enthusiast! Not only adding stability at speeds in excess of 200mph but actually providing a much smoother flow of air over and around the rider when at full tuck than the stock windscreen. At absolute top speed i believe the Corsa is adding 3-5mph to the total speed achieved through its flawless profile. It feels like it is cutting through the air with precision and grace.

The Marc 1:
Marc 1This windscreen is not only stunning and looks like it belongs on the motorcycle, it is highly functional as well. It has a half moon shaped cut out that keeps the air flow consistent around the rider in transitions and when moving around on the motorcycle at speed. Very nicely executed and a design masterpiece. At speeds in excess of 170mph this windscreen provides a stable and buffet free flow of air around the rider. Nice and stable. Excellent and I love its aggressive profile and look. The tint is perfect in light smoke providing both visibility and a great level of tint to protect the gauges in bright light and provide good instrument visibility. Awesome for aggressive street riding and the ONE for any track environment, circuit, drag, or endurance.

The Corsa gets the numbers nod (without the bonus half point), but the intangible beauty of the Marc 1 is just stunning in real life. Standing beside the bike with the Marc 1 installed makes people walk up and ask questions! This 'wow' factor the Marc 1 brings to the table giving it a clear edge in ownership satisfaction and enjoyment!

Thank you so much for your time and attention in this matter. I really do appreciate the level of quality and customer service that Zero Gravity provides!

Respectfully Submitted,
Sebastian Disney
President and CEO
Predator Racing Team

I would just like to congratulate you for the excellent products we offer! I\'m from Brazil and always use ZeroGravity on my bikes! I would one day know the factory! I am sending pictures of my motorcycles with windscreens ZeroGravity! A big hug to all the team! You have to be proud of! Their products are of high quality and excellent Finishing! Better than the competition!

My pages on Facebook and Youtube:

Lucas Vitor Tiva
Editor in Chief


I received confirmation of the windscreen shipment...Thanks very much. Your products are excellent quality, fit perfect and your customer service is tops. I hope you have a great weekend...we are in the middle of beautiful mountain fall colors here and the motorcycling could not be better.

Thanks again for your patience and service.

RayGreetings Glenn,

I switched back to the Sport Touring windscreen, it offers better wind noise protection on the freeway so I can hear the music pumped to my helmet.

Love it, thank you.


On behalf of Jimmy V. and myself I just wanted to extend a big *Thank You* to Zero Gravity and yourself. The Corsa windscreens you provided us worked flawlessly and definitely made out TT that much more comfortable as they kept us guarded from the winds at those high speeds and of course all the bugs!! Unfortunately Jimmy\'s GSXR1000 had mechanical issues during practice week so he was not able to race it but our 600 races went great!
We are planning another American TT endeavor for next year as the organizers have already said they would like us to come back. We would be honored to work with you again and represent your product at the most prestigious road race in the world! Please see the attached pictures. Thanks again and we\'ll stay in touch.

Brandon C.

Yeah, a day early was very cool! My initial ride this morning to work was awesome...but strange. Tell me, how DID you guys do this? I mean, I have a windshield that\'s significantly shorter than the stock, yet it protects from the wind much better. I mean, I have this kind of smooth flow of air past me now that seems to not change much whether I\'m going 30 or 90 mph. Call me crazy, but it feels to me that I was cornering even easier as well. I\'m not sure how, but I put even less effort into my fast turns, and yet held the line just the same. This wind screen is perfection. Wow. It\'s getting the A+ write up on the FZ1OA tonight.

Thank you!

I just wanted to write your company to tell you that I am very happy with my latest purchase, a Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen. I purchased the newest version of Yamaha\'s YZF-R6 in October of 2006. I purchased a few items for the bike including a Puig double bubble windscreen from a local shop. The first thing I noticed about the Puig screen was the weight of the plastic. Second, I noticed that the holes did not line up exactly as I had hoped, and the screen was not designed to clip into the upper fairings tabs that stick out behind the mirror locations. The result of this fit was a VERY annoying buzzing at most RPMs. The intake on this particular motorcycle is pretty loud, yet the Puig\'s buzzing noise was audible at speeds over 100mph (during a trackday)!Needless to say, I ditched the windscreen and purchased one of your models. I couldn\'t be happier! The product fit very well, was lightweight, and the angle and shape of the screen makes it easier for a tall guy like myself to get some wind protection when heading onto a straight away racing to the next corner. Most importantly though, the windscreen doesn\'t rattle one bit. I tend to try out numerous companies when it comes to bolt-ons and add-ons for my bikes. This is my 13th motorcycle in 10 years and it was a treat to find another company that I know I can trust to sell me a great product for the price.

Thanks Again!
Shane H.
Dear zero-gravity team-
I recently purchased a sport-touring windscreen for My zx14-I just wanted to say THANKS! for shipping it so quickly-and the quality is superb! It works really well at ALL speeds keeping the wind off and smoothing the aerodynamics of the bike. You guys are Great!! I\'ll be recommending your products whenever I can to my biking friends!!Thanks again for a professional experience-

Best regards-

I have owned 5 motorcycles and the last 2 I have fitted with Zero Gravity screens. (My current is a Hayabusa K2). Congratulations on a quality product!

Scott B. (Hampshire, UK)
Just wanted to say thank you. Here are some pics of the Smoked Dub Bub on my 2006 Ninja 250. If you would like to use them on your site you may. Thank you again for a great product!

James W
Thanks very much, I received my screen last Friday. It is the best fitting peice of aftermarket equipment that I have ever tried, and looks just great. I am sure that others I know with the same bike will want one when they see it. Again thanks for all your time and trouble.

Scott B
Dear Glenn,

Thanks for your reply. Managed to get the screen from Sunny Cycle (Malaysia) who had a unit in stock. Fitted it yesterday and noted great improvement in wind protection. have a nice day!


Just wanted to forward this post to you about a satisfied customer and say "Good Job". I have personally always liked your product, but I have never had any reason to call you about it.
It\'s good to hear that you are a good as what you sell

I received the replacement windshield, it fits perfectly and I am very pleased with it. Thanks again for helping out with the replacement. I posted my recommendation and and explanation of how you guys stepped in top help:

Thanks again!
Hi Jeff and Glenn,

I received the double-bubble windscreen today in good order, and installed it on my TLR. What a beautiful piece of workmanship! I have attached some pictures of my bike with the new windscreen installed, and will also post on the TLZone forums to show the TL owners how nice it is.

Best regards,
Glenn C
Mr Cook,

Thank you for your assistance in me getting my windshield replaced. I\'ve installed it and I\'m very satisfied with it. i just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you have gain one loyal customer and someone that will definitely spread the word around about your website.

Thank you,

I received my Zero Gravity Double Bubble for my 1999 Honda VFR800 from OPP racing last week. I just wanted to send a note saying how impressed I am with it. I have Helibars on my bike and this new screen pushes the wind higher up which was exactly what I was looking for. There\'s next to no wind when I tuck under it at speed, and it looks great! Keep up the great work!

Mark Pottier
Nova Scotia, Canada