Yamaha YZF 750 94-97

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01 Clear
02 Light Smoke
19 Dark Smoke
17 Glass Green
Street Usage: This product is intended by the manufacturer for use on public streets or highways only in areas that allow such use. Please check vehicle code in your area regarding use of aftermarket windscreens.

Shatter Resistance: Zero Gravity windscreens are made of acrylic plastic, a material that is NOT shatterproof. This screen can crack if impacted by a road hazard such as, but not limited to, a rock or a bird. By installing this product onto his or her motorcycle, the purchaser and user of the product acknowledge the potential injury that could result from human contact with a shattered windscreen and assume all risk and liability associated therewith. Zero Gravity Windscreens are not DOT certified unless specifically designated as such on the windscreen.

Colored Plastic: The color pigments (especially fluorescents) used in the manufacture of the plastic sheet from which these windscreens are made may fade if left exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

Motorcycle Dashboards: In certain rare instances the material used by motorcycle manufacturers in the construction of dashboards and gauges is made from plastics that have an inherently low melting point. Zero Gravity assumes no liability for any melting or deforming of the dashboard or its components due to heat from the sun or for any other reason. Please make sure to cover your dashboard if you plan to leave your bike exposed to the sun for any length of time.

Optical Clarity: If the purchaser of this product is dependent on the ability to see through the windscreen while riding on his or her motorcycle, the purchaser is urged to test the windscreen for optical clarity and light transmission prior to installing it on a motorcycle.

Opaque Windscreens: The purchaser of this product acknowledges that if such product is an opaque windscreen that the plastic material from which it is made is not transparent and the user cannot see through such windscreen.

Care: For performance and clarity Zero Gravity® windscreens should be maintained using superior plastic cleaners like Zero Gravity’s One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ and Novus No.2 for it’s optimum crystal clarity. One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ is used by the Zero Gravity® production line to prep every Zero Gravity® windscreen. The Zero Gravity® production line also uses Novus No.2 on some screens to remove fine scratches before packaging. One Step Cleaner & Polisher™ cleans quickly without leaving a film and buffs to a brilliant shine. It provides an antistatic property, which resists finger marks, dust, and abrasions. It is offered in a 32oz. Carafe bottle or a convenient 8oz spray bottle. Finally Zero Gravity® supplies Novus #2 in an 8oz bottle. It removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from acrylic windscreens.
Zero Gravity Black Nylon Wellnut Fastener Kit #32-120
Zero Gravity White Nylon Wellnut Fastener Kit #32-130

Zero Gravity Fastener Kits are designed to provide a vibration resistant attachment to the fairing. Zero Gravity recommends replacing factory wellnuts after 3 years of use or if a wellnut looks deformed like the pictured here.

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